The Smart OffGrid Solar Process:

You can have the lifestyle you want without the energy bills. Going Off Grid Solar is easier than you may think and the benefits are endless.

The work we do before we put a system together is critical. There is no such thing as off-the-shelf Off Grid Solar - everyone uses power in a unique way and we design with that in mind. We get valuable insights from our customers before we deliver a solution.

We're an authority on Off grid Solar.  Our founder lives off grid with a system he designed and built.  We have designed hundreds of systems for clients across Australia.

We do Off Grid for the love of it.

We are passionate about Off Grid. Creating an offgrid solar solution is enjoyable because it is detailed and personal work.  We really get involved, and our customers really care.  After all, the system we design and build for them is going to be your primary power supply for years to come, we want that to be reliable and suitable to your needs.

Designing solutions just for you. When you are going offgrid solar, the design has to be right. It has to be made for you. If you try off-the-shelf, unfortunately you will get what you pay for. Let us work together to take advantage of Australia's sun rich climate and create the smartest energy solution for you. Draw on our extensive experience to improve your lifestyle.

See how Smart OffGrid Solar can work for you.